Text 9 Sep 81 notes wake up thoughts. [09.10.11]

if things were meant for you, it’s yours. and if it’s not, God has his better plans than yours.

I have prodigious aspirations in life…and I believe, that as long as there is optimism in my mind, courage in my heart, hope in my soul and strong faith to God…I know I can, I will make things happen

HARDSHIPS. masses of glitch may break us down but, we should not let ourselves stay on that ground. instead, we should take these hitches as a challenge. for us to prove to ourselves that we can conquer the world. we can make things happen. besides, “…nothing is impossible with the Lord of all..above. everything is possible if we put our trust in God…" .

it is true that we cant have all the luxury at a moment... because God only gives us pieces of good fortunes one by one. blessings were given at the right time and right place for a right reason.

just take one step at a time, do your best, don’t forget to ask for His guidance. and soon, we will taste the pure bliss of grace-filled living for the greater glory of God.

Move on. Move forward...

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